Abortion, Adoption, Sexual Activity~  Below are websites Full of help for you. 

Below are websites which are :

Hay esperanza después de un aborto

for Birth mothers, women who have been pregnant and offered their born child for adoption.

    for Women considering abortion.

        for Women considering adoption.

            for Men who are involved with birth moms or pregnant women.

                    for Women or Men who are involved sexually. 


http://www.bethany.org/  - Welcome to the largest national adoption and family services agency in the United States. 

Bethany House  -  http://www.bethany.org/A55798/bethanyWWW.nsf/BCS/bethanyshouse

Bethany's House is a Christian ministry for pregnant women, age 18 and over. It is a safe haven for adoption-minded women who find themselves in need of a home during their pregnancy. 


Abortion - http://www.bethany.org/A55798/bethanyWWW.nsf/0/52B5A49C51AA70CA85256CF20008EEC4

Abortion vs. Adoption -  


Post Abortion -          Are you feeling depressed or guilty about having an abortion? Are you angry and not sure why?   If this describes you, then you may be experiencing post-abortion syndrome. Many women experience a sense of loss and grief after an abortion, and it is important that you talk to someone that can help you identify and work through what you are experiencing. There are counselors everywhere that would be glad to help you. Many Bethany offices have post-abortion counseling, so feel free to contact the office closest to you.   There are also many national programs, like Rachel's Vineyard and Hope After Abortion that are ready to help you.

 http://www.optionline.org/hadabortion.html > Abortion May Increase the Risk of Emotional Problems  

Hay esperanza después de un aborto >>



http://www.birthmothers.org/ - a friend loves at all times. Call us toll free at 1-877-77BIRTH

We're Birthmothers®. No judgments. No sermons. Just one Friend--a regular person just like you--who will listen and respect your privacy. This Friend will not blame you or tell you what to do. Rather, this specially trained volunteer will provide personal, one-on-one assistance to help you address whatever challenges you face. Your Friend will walk with you as you reach well-informed decisions about your future.  Click here to learn how we help.

http://www.birthmothersunite.com/    Life Is a Gift From God! Help stop abortion!!!!

Choose Life!  The rewards of parenting or adoption far exceed the damage done by abortion, physically and emotionally!







http://www.pregnancycenters.org/  - Pregnant?  Need Help?  You have Options.

http://www.optionline.org/ - Want options

Options for Teens

http://estasembarazada.com/  -  Embarazada?  Necesitas ayuda?  Tienes Opciones. 

1-800-395-HELP (1-800-395-4357)

Find a Center Now. 

Testimonial “If I hadn't seen the website when I did, I would have chose abortion and my little brown eyed girl Emily and I would have never met.” Lori, 27     

Megan's Story - Megan found out that she was pregnant - and scheduled an appointment for an abortion. She was scared, confused, and believed everything she had been told. "You're not ready to have a baby". "Having a baby will ruin your life". "Abortion is the only way out".
Megan saw the advertisement promoting positive pregnancy options and called the number. She talked to a local pregnancy center counselor who offered her hope and encouragement.

        Later that day, Megan and her boyfriend went to their local pregnancy center where they saw an ultrasound picture of their unborn baby. As soon as they saw their baby moving inside her womb, Megan and her boyfriend knew that they would not end this pregnancy.


Sherita's Story  Sherita saw the ad for a free pregnancy test. Scared, she called the number making an appointment with the pregnancy center. It was in this center that she received the help she needed to make a positive pregnancy choice.
    "My daughter Quiasia is already 7 months old - I can't believe it".  Sherita recently exclaimed. "She has just learned to sit up on her own and feed herself. I love it! The truth is, of I didn't see the ad offering free help when I was pregnant, I would have had an abortion, and my precious baby, Quiasia, wouldn't be here today. That center saved me from making the most horrible decision I could have ever made. Thank you for helping me choose life." 
Find a Center Now.






Welcome to SafeHaven! SafeHaven is a safe place for those who have had abortions to find comfort, hope, understanding, and healing in the painful aftermath of abortion. We are a peer support site, meaning that most of those who use this site have had an abortion or have been hurt by abortion. As such, we do not judge nor condemn those who have chosen abortion. On the contrary, you will be fully accepted. We are here to help.  We believe that it is God who changes hearts, not people. Our main goal is to love you, accept you and help you if you are hurting. 

Finding Forgiveness 
On Forgiving Yourself
If You are in a Crisis Pregnancy Situation
How to find peace with God 
For Men Dealing with Abortion


For You who are in Pain, For every Christian, This is who you are in Christ: 

(1)     A Son or Daughter of The King!  [2 Corinthians 6:18 & Isaiah 56:5]

(2)     Heir of Promise! [Galatians 3:29, Acts 3:25, Romans 8:17, Titus 3:7]

(3)     Created for Good Works!  [Ephesians 2:10, 2 Corinthians 5:20]

(4)     More Than a Conqueror!   [Romans 8:37]

(5)     VICTORIOUS in CHRIST! [2 Corinthians 2:14, 1 John 4:4, Isaiah 54:17, Philippians 4:13,Ephesians 2:4&5]

Love, Jesus Christ 

~New Creation            ~  2Cor. 5:17                ~Come to Me     

      ~Everlasting Love                    ~Cast your Cares   

      ~ Cast your Cares 2                     ~ Cast your Cares 3

~Broken Hearted              ~ Broken Hearted 2


NOTE: The websites listed above are to encourage you in knowing your incredible value as a person created by God and in His design and fashion.  (Genesis 1:26,27; Psalm 39; Matthew 6:30-34; Luke 12:6,7; and Luke chapter 12.)    These web sites are meant to increase your understanding, wisdom for your choices and promote your healing as a total person, along with those with whom you have a relationship.  That is your family, close friends, and any child you may have.  If these sites go contrary to the Values placed by Almighty God for your life, please let us know the facts with details on the response page so we can make appropriate changes.   Thank you very much.   ~ May God bless you with and in Himself!!  


You can stop an abortion today

Testimonial “If I hadn't seen the website when I did, I would have chose abortion and my little brown eyed girl Emily and I would have never met.” Lori, 27      


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