A Cult is any pattern of religion, tradition, thinking, behaving, or feeling which has you depend on any one or any thing that is NOT the One True Living Lord God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ through His One Book, the Bible, as the One True and sole Authority. 


            Every cult tries to substitute itself for the Real Relationship you can have with the Holy and personal Creator Who made you.  

The Cult can be a religion, a group, or a person.  Each will treat you like you should depend upon them the most.  They will cause you to be dependent upon them in your emotions, thoughts, and activities.  

Beware to Not be ensnared.  Jesus Christ WILL come to your rescue and give you His Peace and Health IF you ask Him to do this.  


Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. >> Psalm 55:22


The links listed below will help you investigate and interact with the Truth of God’s Word to help you get out of the danger you may be in now or may be heading into. 


  Cults      Many Gods       Your Religion?         My Religion is Good. 

          Beware of False Teachings      Sexual Activity        Idolatry


Additionally - 

Substitute,     Nature,     Who Creates

Stars & Animals,    God's Grace in Action



           How to get out of Sin           How to stay out of Sin

               Sins against God                  Sins against Neighbor


     Sins of the Flesh                     Sins of the Spirit

God's Attitude toward Sin            God's Option to Sin

           Temptation                  Repent         



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