Hope, a different kind than the world is able to give.  

This is a hope that is sure. It is based on a promises that is never broken.  It is based on a truth that withstands all time, all circumstances, and all possibilities.  This Hope is from God alone. 

The hope that the world gives is fleeting.  The hope that the world gives is not enough to satisfy that longing inside of you.  The hope that the world gives leaves you empty and hopeless.   The hope that the world gives you is based on lies, ... "If you do this, then what you want and need will happen."  These promises are empty, for there is no one to make sure that your needs are met or fulfilled.  

         Except in the Promises of God. - There is Some One Who will make sure that your needs are met and fulfilled to over flowing!!  It is God.  God is real, God is personal, God is all powerful, all loving, all knowing, all seeing, and timeless.  

The Hope that God gives can Never let you down.  This Hope is based on:

Living Hope 

                Hope for a Christian        Practical Methods for a New Life

The Character of God        The Son of God                   

The Power of God        The Indwelling Holy Spirit

The Promises of God        The New Creation in Christ

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This hope is sure, certain, and a fact for those who choose to be God's child.

God loves you, just as you are, with an ~Everlasting Love          God tells you to Come to Him just as you are - Come to Me      

        You are given free will, that means you are given a choice, independent and on your own. You must choose. God will never force you to choose Him.  God only invites.  God will never coerce you, manipulate you, trick you, --- God only woos you with His Love, for His love is everlasting, -  encourages you to trust Him, for He is trustworthy, -  Comes along side of you, because He feels for you and only He can comfort your soul, -  Writes you love letters, like this web site, because He wants you to know He loves you with His life.  God is calling you now, will you seek Him as He seeks you?  Then ask God, "God, please show me Who you really are?  Open my mind and heart to understand You.  Help me to reach you, for I do not know, and I need your help.  Thank you. Amen." 

        Please read the above hyperlinks to find out more about God, and His immense Love and Hope  for you! Do you want change in your life, inside yourself? the Lord God Almighty is the ONLY One Who can do this. It is a God sized problem with a Good-God solution!   

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