Love vs. Fear


  Love instead of  Fear

                                Love is Stronger than Fear

                                        Love Conquers Fear 

                                    Love Vanquishes Fear


        Perfect love drives out fear. 1 John 4:18

              God is love.  1 John 4:16

                      "Come to Me” Matthew 11:28

What does this mean?

              Logically, there is a progression. 

1.      Perfect Love drives out fear.

2.      God is (Perfect) love.

3.      God drives out fear.

4.      "Come to Me" is God’s personal invitation for you to have God drive out your own fears. 

I want More Details on fears and Perfect Love

How does this work?  It works Logically, with Reason and Faith working together.  To have understanding is  

1.      To know what Perfect Love is.   

2.      To acknowledge and accept that you have some Fear.  

3.      To decide you do Not Want to have fear, or be afraid. 

4.      To choose to have your fear removed from you. 

5.       To accept God's invitation for Him to Drive Out your fear.  

6.       To choose to receive God's Perfect Love 

7.       To live Willfully and with purpose within Perfect Love and Casting out the fear daily.  

        Each person is unique and important.  That is why God drives out fear, because He does not want people to be wracked with fear and immobilized from being all that they are designed to be. 


God's Love is the kind that the world cannot give.  What Kind of Love is this?  

        What is Everlasting Love

What is the source of fear?      

                 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6

Fear Grips and immobilizes

Fear causes palms to sweat and eyes to waver 

Fear makes panic and causes heart palpitations

Fear blocks logic, reason and rational thought

Fear causes thoughts to run in patterns that are harmful, like a mouse in a maze. 

Fear blocks creativity  

Fear removes peace 

Fear destroys hope  

Fear moves one into hate 

Fear is the wrong motivation for anything

I HATE FEAR (I want to Know!)

Fear grips and doesn’t let go. 

Fear tears its nails into your psyche and turns your head around.

Fear causes blindness to Truth.

Fear causes sorrow, pain, and death.

FEAR IS WEAK.  For Perfect Love Drives OUT fear. 

The person who fears grows weaker and unstable.  The Person who drives out fear causes stability, hope, internal peace, creativity, and Joy!! 

I want More Details on fears and Perfect Love! Click here.



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