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What People are saying about Timeless Treasures

v     How ever do I thank you!!?  I'm not sure my friendly old typewriter/computer will last long enough to lead me through all the words of love so beautifully chosen (see page 274 for a great example).  Even if I don't ever get that far, I'll know it's there .......God’s promise of help.  Whenever and wherever it is needed.   Thank you  ............ forever.  ....….This is all for now.  Thank you again for that grand book.  It is really is A Timeless Treasure. Love, Ginny 

v     Dear Friends,  We recently were sent a copy of your cookbook for a present.  However, since it is a fundraising project, we thought a donation would be in order to “help the cause”.  The cookbook if very “well done” (pun intended) and you are to be Congratulated!!  Sincerely, Frank and Pat 

v      I just tried baking some cookies from the  Timeless Treasures Cookbook.  They came out delicious!!  I can't wait to try some more!   Patti  (a 14 years old girl told to her 15 year old friend) Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v       Your Oven Cleaning recipe was just what I needed on our oven!  I tried it and our oven is gleaming.  After this weekend's banquet I can't wait to do it again!!   Aurelie  Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v      We tried two of your recipes last night and they came out Great!  We can't wait to try some more!  The Spry Family  

v     My daughter hasn't stopped baking since we brought the cookbook home!  Thanks for all of those great recipes!  Now we get to eat them!!   Judi 

v      I love the way you have so many recipes and so many variations!  And it's so interesting to read!  We've been enjoying reading it all this week!   Edna Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v    WOW!  A play dough recipe, and slime, too!  Mom, we have to make some!   from the Children in a family of 5 Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v     I liked the doggie treats!  So did our dogs!  Child of 8 years 

v    I just gave out a whole bunch of books for Christmas, and now I have to place an order of five more since other people who saw Timeless Treasures wanted it too!!  What a great cookbook!   Cecilia  

v    I bought a case of AACS Cookbooks and have given them out as Christmas gifts, shower gifts, birthday gifts, house warming gifts and last Saturday I went to a house blessing and I hid one of your cookbooks in a kitchen cabinet (The invitation said no gifts).  The next day I received a call of thanks “What a perfect gift for a house blessing”.  God is good.  God Bless, Lynne 

v    I'm in here again, buying more!  It seems that the more I show this cookbook, the more  people want them!   Lisa Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v     I really hate to tell you this, but you are selling this cookbook far to inexpensively.  It really should be at least $30.00.  But thank you for selling it at the price you do.  I can tell it really is a gift to many this way!  Maria Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v     I brought a carton of Timeless Treasures Cookbooks to my office, and they were snatched up like crazy!!  Can I have six more please?  Pam   

v     I brought two of the Timeless Treasures Cookbooks to my book club and now two more people want them!  Here's my order.  Kathleen  

v     I need to get one for my wife.  I know this is just what she wants!   Chris 

v     Don't tell my mom when you see her.  It's a surprise!   Mitchell (when buying Timeless Treasures) Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v     For years we've had the phyllo dough in our freezer to make Baklava, but we were too afraid to try. We read the Timeless Treasures and it had two recipes in it.  So we followed the directions and it was easy!  The Baklava was sooo good!  We can't wait to make it again!  Veronica  Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v     Everyone I gave the Timeless Treasures Cookbook to loved it!  And I gave out 20!  It is such a big hit!  Thanks for all of your work.  Maria 

v     Everyone I gave the Timeless Treasures Cookbook to loved it!  And I gave out 15!  What a great cookbook!  It had something for everyone of them!   Nancy  

v     My mother-in-law would like to order more to give as gifts.  She went to the Christian book Store but it had sold out already.  They put it on their best sellers shelf!  Please bring them more Timeless Treasures soon.  Thanks, Lisa   Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v     I got my copy this week and love it!! Thanks, Johnnie 

v     The cookbooks were a tremendous hit with my family and friends.  In fact, my aunt and mother both have friends who want cookbooks, too!  You did a wonderful job and God really blessed your efforts.  Thank you so very much!  Blessings, Debe Scripture Bible Cookbook 

v     Thank you so much for the beautiful cookbook- I just love it!  The team that put that contributed did a great job!  I have sat and read this book cover to cover and it's still out on the counter.  Just yesterday I made two items for snacks during the football games - both were excellent - my compliments to the chefs!  I have plans to make many more in the future. Congratulations on a wonderful book - you can be sure it will be a much-used and loved addition to my collection.  Thank you for sending me a copy!  Love, Elaine  

Scripture Bible    Cookbook 

For $25 you can give a Ton of a present!  Ok, bring me to the Form for purchasing the Timeless Treasures Cookbook. Scripture Bible Cookbooki 

What recipes are in the cookbook?  

Ideas for Who would want the Timeless Treasures Cookbook -   

The Timeless Treasures Cookbook makes Great  presents!  Your relatives, co-workers and friends would love this for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Wedding and Anniversary presents, Graduation gifts, Bridal showers and New House presents, Birthdays, Christmas, Hanukkah, and many more occasions!  There's no end to the opportunity!!  

the Day care provider for children, Care giver for the elderly, 

        the Housekeeper, the Manicurist, your Hairdresser, 

                your Doctor, the Baby sitter,  the Curves Ladies, the Women from your club, 

                       Teachers, Principals, School bus drivers, Scout leaders and helpers, 

                                People at work, the Boss, Secretary, Co-workers, 

                                    Secret angel gifts, BSF leader, Bible study ladies, 

                                            the Pastor's wife,  your Prayer partner, 

                                                    the Bachelor or Bachelorette 

Your Neighbors,  the Shut-in    Scripture Bible Cookbook 

    Your Relatives out of state (Postal Service postage for Books is Much Cheaper!) 

            Your Friends out of state     Scripture Bible Cookbook 

                    your Children, Grand children,   Scripture Bible Cookbook 

                            your Mother, Sister, Father, Brother, In-Laws, .... 

For Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Mother's Day,   Scripture Bible Cookbook 

    For Valentine's Day (Great Truffle and Deep Chocolate Fudge recipes!!) 

            For Graduation Day,  For a New Home, For a New Baby, For Any Milestone!  

It's a great conversation piece!      Scripture Bible Cookbook 

        Leave it on your coffee table,   Scripture Bible Cookbook 

                Put it in your office waiting room,     Scripture Bible Cookbook 

                        Read it in the car in-between carpool shuttles!    Scripture Bible Cookbook 

The list for giving it and using it is endless ...... and why?  Because it is a Medicinal Book.   S  Scripture Bible Cookbook 

Timeless Treasures has words of Wisdom, Comfort, Hope and Joy.  

        Timeless Treasures encourages the Reader in their daily life.  

Timeless Treasures offers "Conversation" with the Writers.

TT gives Encouragement and Hope for Hospitality with Others. 

TT  Instructs in Cooking and gives "Health tips" as well! 

Everyone can benefit from Timeless Treasures! Scripture Bible Cookbook 

        People who Read, People who Eat. Scripture Bible Cookbook 

                People who Cook, People who do not know how to cook Yet!   Scripture Bible Cookbook 

                       People who are Sad, People whose lives are Full.  

Each person can find Food for their mind, body and spirit in Timeless Treasures!  

Timeless Treasures really speaks miles of kindness!      Scripture Bible Cookbook 

For $25 you can give a Ton of a present!  Ok, bring me to the Form for purchasing the Timeless Treasures Cookbook. Scripture Bible Cookbook    

  ScriWhat recipes are in the cookbook?  pture Bible Cookbook 

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