Praise God, He saves.
I was invited to a bible study for 2 years straight. I had every excuse in the book and then some. I finally went to the bible study group literally to stop a friends ongoing witnessing. I figured this would shut her up. Jesus Christ met me there the first night and I was completely and forever changed by the evening. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior since 1997 and it has truly changed every area of my life. My husband and children now know Jesus personally and it has made our family strong in the face of life in this unholy world. It has changed my marriage and made it a union filled with love and strength in Him who guides us. I am so thankful to the friend who witnessed to me for over 2 years to get me to know Jesus. She cared enough not to give up but to persevere.
T.E.N.        Annapolis, MD, USA          11-7-02




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