We now have a ministry, traveling all over the globe to distant lands, with various Evangelists, aiding them anyway we can, seeing thousands saved, healed and delivered, even miracles.

It was not always like this. We had been saved many years, but we had never seen actual healings and miracles. Yes, we read about them, we heard ministers talk about them, but we never actually saw them or experienced them ourselves. We had been saved some 18 years, and never even led anyone to Christ. In the early years after becoming believers in Christianity, we grew quickly, but as the years passed, raising kids, making a living, the fire we once knew, died down to embers. We would go to church every week, and say to each other, "There has to be more to Christianity than this! There has to be more! Somewhere there has to be more!"

In 1997 we had heard some stories about a revival going on in Pensacola, Florida. About that time I experienced an almost fatal heart attack. I survived, and realizing that God spared my life, I promised God that the rest of my life was his, anyway he could use me. I was willing to go anywhere, do anything, give anything I owned to him. We were desperate for the presence of God. We were spiritually hungry for him. In early 1998 we spent a 5 day period there in Brownsville, Pensacola, Florida, checking out the Brownsville Revival. Evangelist Stephen Hill preached with the Holy Ghost and Fire! It was awesome! We saw things there that we read about in the book of Acts in the Bible. This was normal Christianity. What we saw in the years before was subnormal Christianity. We returned to Maryland with three things- I wanted to pray and intercede all the time, and seek the presence of God. Another was that I lost all fear of man, and gained a fear of God, and the third was the fire of God! I would worship him, I would praise him, I would dance before him, oblivious of who was watching me, not even caring who was watching me.

Late summer, 1998, Evangelist Stephen Hill was having an evangelistic crusade at Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania.It was called, "Awake America". We were desperate for him, we were still hungry spiritually. We decided to go for the 2 day event, as our home in Maryland was within driving distance. It was a set-up by God for us. The first day we were there they announced that additional prayer team workers/Altar workers we needed, and they asked for volunteers. My wife asked, "Let's do it, do you want to do it?" I said, "No." The truth was that I felt unworthy. There was an awesome meeting that night, where thousands ran, even dived to the altar, begging God for forgiveness. The prayer team prayed for the people without us after the altar call. The next day, they asked again for more prayer team workers. My wife asked, "Are you going to do it?" Again I said, "No". Then, I heard a loud voice say," ____, If you will yield to me on this, I will manifest myself through your hands." I burst out crying, and I yielded, as it was Almighty God who spoke to me.

We met the folks in charge at the appointed time before the evening meeting and received instructions.

At prayer time, both of us began to pray for folks publicly for the first time. As we prayed and touched them, many began falling under the power of God. Others were shaking under the power, others received healings, others were delivered of demonic oppression. WOW! It was like the book of Acts, things we had only read about, now it was happening before our very eyes, and God was using my hands, like he promised!

After that meeting, through a series of divine appointments, we were allowed to travel to similar meetings with Stephen Hill to large cities in the U.S. and serve on the prayer team, seeing folks get saved, healed and delivered. We just could not wait until we were at the next Awake America. At every meeting the anointing kept getting stronger. Then Stephen Hill began evangelistic meetings in Europe and Asia, and we traveled with him there too. In Korea we were in a meeting in a baseball stadium with 25,000 people. There were only 14 of us on the prayer team to pray for all of those people. The folks in charge placed my wife and I among a group of children, all boys, all ages 4-12 years old, all with serious diseases and maladies. God manifested through my hands the first four miracles of our ministry there in that Baseball stadium. A 4yr old boy walked for the first time of his life, his mother and father tearfully watching, another deaf boy, after I snapped my fingers by his ears, his eyes almost popped out of his head, they told me everything, he heard for the first time in his life. Another, a blind boy received his sight. Just a second before, his eyes were covered with a white looking membrane, kind of like skin, but disappeared when he received his sight. And the fourth boy spoke for the first time in his life, and the first word ever out of his mouth was, "Jesus". His body was broken for us, and the shed blood of Jesus shall never lose it's power! This carpenter -builder from Maryland is just an old country boy. I never have had any theological training, but God has just chose to put healing in my hands. I have never healed anyone in my life. Jesus is the healer.

Since that day in November, 2000,in Inchon, Korea, we have traveled the globe to many countries, some dangerous, with other evangelists, including Evangelist Randy Clark, several trips to Brazil. We have seen God do healings and miracles, deliverances from demonic spirits, and the greatest miracles of all, a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Now, you do not have to endure a heart attack to get to the point that God can use you. You only need to be desperate for him. You need to have a holy hunger for him. God is not looking for ability, or education, or degrees. But he is looking for availability, holy desperation, those who are teachable, humble and willing to die to self, to forsake fleshly desires. Is this you?

RLD & Wf        Baltimore, MD, USA        11-2002


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