Lord Jesus Christ is in Control

                                                                                         By: Crystal Bowers

    The Lord Jesus Christ called me to start the mission of Billboards for Christ, Inc. Since 1996 the Lord had more fervently been pushing this idea into my mind and validating it with concrete experiences. 

    The most obvious example is this synopsis of one event which occurred in 1998:

    After a Bible study in my home one evening, while we were gathered in prayer, I asked the Lord aloud if He would show me if He did want me to put His Word on billboards. I prayed, "Lord if this is my idea, then it is dead in the water. But if it is Your idea, then it will fly. Please let me know concretely if it is Your idea. If I do not hear from you, then I will just forget about it because it will not bear fruit anyway. But if you let me know this is your idea, then I will do Your will."

    About a week later I got a flat tire on the highway. I prayed to the Lord to send someone to come and help and to glorify Himself in the situation. "Lord Jesus Christ, You know we have a flat tire and are on the side of the road. Would You please send someone to us to help fix the flat tire? Would You please … (And as I was saying this, my right hand raises up high above my head, palm up in prayer by the Holy Spirit, giving glory to God) … send someone for Your glory to fix our tire. Jesus would You please send someone so that all may know that You are God and that Your children hear your voice and do Your Will for Your purpose and Your glory alone. (The prayer continued on and on like this…) Lord, so that the ends of the earth may know that You alone are God - You alone are holy and powerful and capable to do all things that you Will. (The prayer went on like that for a while longer.) That the whole world would know You are God - that Your children hear Your voice and do Your Will, so that Your glory shines throughout the earth!! That You alone are sovereign and in control of all things. That You alone are God and worthy to be praised!! And that Your Will will be accomplished as you desire it. (And as the Spirit of the Lord was finished praying through me, I continued.) And Jesus, would you please send someone to fix our flat tire? Thank you Father!! Amen." 

    Jesus Christ did. The Lord Jesus sent a Christian billboard designer to fix our flat. He gave me his business card, and here was my concrete confirmation of God's Will, and Jesus Christ was glorified!

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