Faith by Hearing

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

God's Word comforts, teaches, blesses, and gives understanding.  God's Word is alive (Heb 4:12).

Do you want More Faith and Wisdom of God?  

        Do you want more of God and what He has to give?     

                Do you want greater understanding of Who God is, and What He is to you?     

                        Then Listen to God's Word Directly.... ! 

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"The Story of Jesus" [audio]> 

You can listen to the "JESUS" Audiodrama in many languages by clicking this 

You can watch "The Story of Jesus for Children" in many languages by clicking This Link

You can watch the "JESUS" film in many languages by clicking THIS LINK!


~Below is a list of people who know God well, and they tell the Truth about Him. ~

You can find Many Valid Teachers of the Word of God at this location - 

Or individually at – 

Turning Point        Dr. David Jeremiah 

Unshackled!        Bob O'Donnell  = True life stories of God in action today! 

Grace to You        John MacArthur


Espanol >> 

Gracia A Vosotros    Henry Tolopilo and John MacArthur

El Amor Que Vale    Dr. Adrian Rogers

Precepto con Kay Arthur    Kay Arthur

Maravillosas Palabras de Vida    El Ejército de Salvación 


English, again>>> 

The Alternative    Dr. Tony Evans

In Touch    Dr. Charles Stanley

Let My People Think    Ravi Zacharias

Living Waters    Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

Walk in the Word  Dr. James MacDonald

Living Way    Pastor Jack Hayford

Love Worth Finding    Dr. Adrian Rogers

Focus on the Family    Dr. James Dobson

Thru the Bible    Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Insight for Living    Chuck Swindoll

Back to the Bible    Woodrow Kroll

Leading The Way    Dr. Michael Youssef

Truth For Life    Pastor Alistair Begg

Living on the Edge    Chip Ingram

A New Beginning    Greg Laurie

Luis Palau    Reaching Your World

Hope For The Heart    June Hunt

Proclaim!    Dr. Michael Easley

Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible -"Making God's Word Plain" 

Moody Presents        Dr. Michael Easley

Wonderful Words of Life        The Salvation Army

Spirit Formed    Pastor Jack Hayford

Proclaiming the Word        Dr. Peter A. Lillback

Search the Scriptures Daily    Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon


Women >>> 

Precepts for Life    Kay Arthur

Precepts from God's Word    Kay Arthur

Living Proof with Beth Moore    Beth Moore

Hope For The Heart    June Hunt

Revive Our Hearts    Nancy Leigh DeMoss 

Unshackled!        Bob O'Donnell  = True life stories of God in action today! 


Children >>>

Adventures in Odyssey    Focus on the Family

Jesus for Children    The Jesus Film Project

Paws & Tales    Insight for Living

AFR KIDZRADIO  - On the Internet!


Classics >>> 

Spurgeon Sermons    C.H. Spurgeon

A.W. Tozer    A.W. Tozer

Thru the Bible    Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Mr. Sparks    Theodore Austin Sparks 


Articles >>>  

The Truth Behind Da Vinci's Deception, 1    Focus on the Family

A Plan for Your Family: God's Vs. the World's    Grace to You

When I Don't Desire God 6    Desiring God Radio

What does the Bible teach us about sex outside of marriage?    Listen to Dr. Chuck Betters' answer


If any of these links do not work, please let us know. Also, do a Google search for the teacher's name and click to hear them. Don't miss the opportunity! 

You can call, in the USA: 1-888-Need Him or 1-877-The Bible 

To order a Bible you can call 1-800-32-BIBLE. 


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