When people give forgiveness, they usually want something for it.  They have conditions, preconceived notions of retribution, pay-back and retaliation if they say they forgive you.  Sometimes, when we say we forgive someone, we treat them or think the same way as before we forgave them.  However, this is not true forgiveness.

To Forgive, defined by the Webster's Dictionary **:

1- to give up resentment against or the desire to punish; stop being angry with.; pardon  2- to give up all claim to punish or exact penalty for (an offense); overlook  3- to cancel or remit (a debt).

This is exactly how we are to be forgiven by other people, and how we are to forgive others, as well.  But how can we forgive like this?  

We have only one true example.    

forgiveness produces healing. 

More coming soon. 


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**  Webster's New World Dictionary; Third Edition, Copyright 1988 by Simon & Schuster, Inc. 

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