When you are feeling “down”, 

            When you are feeling “out of it”,     

                “disconnected with life”, like the colors of life are all pale, like you are walking in a dream that you are watching but not living in, 

        When you feel like no one knows you, when you feel like no one cares about you, when you feel like you and your life do not really matter, 

                    When you feel like you could give up and no one would notice or mind, when you feel like no one is watching you and that you and your life does not matter -STOP, know that it is Not True

Know that this IS True. -        The Lord God Sees You and Knows You and wants you to look to Him for your needs, wants, and desires. The Lord Jesus Christ wants you to come to Him for your healing, your wisdom, your nurturing, and all of your sustenance.  


            Know that this IS True. -  Feelings, your emotions, your wafting and changeable moods are not a rational barometer.  Truth cannot be known by human emotions. Instead, our emotions are indicators, senses to let us know if we are safe, in danger, in pain, or cared for, etc. Emotions are feelings and not rational mental processes. Emotions can cause us Confusion.

Emotions are feelings, only, that is all. Just like a when you feel a pain in your leg, you look to see where the pain is what is causing it, and you then move your leg so that the pain stops. - That is how feelings are indicators for your heart. "Oh, I feel pain. my feelings are hurt. What is causing it? Am I doing something wrong? Is someone doing something wrong to me? Or am I being corrected by the Lord God,....etc.

Feelings are sensory not facts. When we feel our leg being pricked, we don't say "Ooh, that hurts, now let me bask in self -pity about my pin-pricked leg. Oh, let me ponder my neuron sensory input. Oh, I will just stay in this position being helpless." No, our leg jerks away from the pain and we deal with it appropriately. God has our feelings as indicators, not as the ruler of our activity. That is why our emotions are called "feelings", not "knowings". God gives us His Word and His Mind and His Heart and His Spirit for the purpose of guiding our mind and heart in how to live, move, and have our being. 


Feelings are emotions; wafting senses of your human perception for a season, no matter how long the season is for, and hormones and unbalanced chemicals sloshing around in your mind and body. Facts that are based on Truth are what you and I must cling to.  Just like a person who walks along and falls into a deep pond of quicksand, in order to get out of the quicksand, the person must grab onto something solid and keep attached to it, and then step onto something solid.  If the person does not do this, the vacuum that is caused by pulling out of the quicksand has too much pressure and the quicksand sucks the person deeper back in. Just as it is easy to remove yourself from quicksand only by holding on to something immovable solid, strong, faithful, and sure, SO is it possible to leave your emotional state IF you trust in, rely on, and adhere to the Solid Rock of Truth. 


God’s Word proves Who God Is time and time again. God Proves His Character to those who seek Him with their whole heart and trust Him when He speaks to them through His Word.  Bring me to Two times God showed up big, please - Event 1   +  Event 2 

God is the Creator and Owner of the Universes and beyond. All natrue declares His brilliance and Glory! God shows Himself - 

Throughout Science:

Throughout History: (Old Testament)

 And throughout the Truth of Salvation:'s_foretold_resurrection_and_return.htm's_foretold_death.htm (New Testament)


        There are many causes for you to feel the way you do, and you have legitimate reasons to support your feelings. Feelings are real, valid, and to be respected. God knows that your feelings are valuable, AND God does NOT want you to sink in the quicksand of your feelings WITHOUT His Truth to set you free. 

        The Truth will set you free IF you embrace the Truth.  If you cling to what you “feel” is right, or what your faulty human thinking “says” is true, then you will still be clouded, deluded, confused, and far away from the life which the Truth has come to this earth to do:  To set you free from the mindset, the emotion-set, and lack of faith and hopelessness in which you may dwell from time to time.  

If your feelings are because

People have said you are worthless, wished you would die, a failure, etc.

People have said may awful and mean things about you.

You can’t seem to hold a job. 

You quit things you start before they are done. 

You do bad things to yourself. 

Do not respond according to the words of man. Trust and rely on the Word of God. Do not base your self-destruction on what people say. Instead, Only trust what God says.  (God’s Promises, New Creature, Salvation, Trusting God Do Deliberately Commit to living your life every moment  according to God's Word and Truth. IF you hold on to what God says, you will grow to be far improved and feel very different than you do today. You will be healed and restored from within by God's Word and Holy Spirit.  

Do not harm yourself or any other, period. Problems are temporary, but death is permanent.  

Pity parties, Guilt, Remorse and Regret, and living in the Past all contribute to the emotional and mental imbalanced states. There is one permanent solution, Atonement, Sinner's Prayer, Grace. More on Feelings.  


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