Trust Again


How can we be healed into trusting in good again?  

                                                There are ways!!! 

1.    There are practical ways to be Healed -

        Talk to a good friend who  will have compassion, empathy, and wisdom for your situation, and will not condemn you.  (You can write to us, too! contact) Cry out your feelings, talk them out loud, get big healthy hugs, look people in the eyes and try to "see" them and for them to "see" you.  Listen to music that speaks "good" and not pain, revenge, or despair.  Look at nature and let your eyes reflect on the fact that nature does not complain, but just looks beautiful and is cared for all of the time.  Take that fact for yourself and consider Who takes care of the trees, birds, animals, flowers, etc. and that You are cared for also.  

        Remember that the best things in life are Free.   Air and water, soil to walk on, sunshine on your skin, a bird's song in your ear, the sight of waves crashing along the shore, the feel of sand between your toes, the hug of a good friend, the tears of someone who cares, - and most of all - the feelings that you have in your heart and they way you can comfort and empathize with others to help them.  When you begin doing this, then your own personal load will lighten. 


2.    There are practical ways we can Trust in good again.  

A.    Be as we would want others to be.  Do not lie, do not steal, do not murder.  Say kind words, sing a cheerful song, smile daily and often, pat someone on the back, do something thoughtful.  Then at least ONE person is trust worthy, and that is you.

B    Encourage others to be as you are becoming, do not lie, do not steal, do not murder.  Have them say kind words, sing a cheerful song, smile daily and often, pat someone on the back, do something thoughtful. Then at least two people will be trust worthy.  And continue this pattern to everyone! 

If this is too hard or too simple, see these sites.   

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