Lost Money

I’ve lost most of my money! My money has been lost because of …..

            I don’t have my money anymore!

                        I am poor! I don’t know where to turn?  (Keep reading!)

     I am ruined. Without money I have no hope. Hope, (see Finances

     I am ruined. Without money I am a loser (NO!!)

        I had money. I had things I valued. I had things of my own. I have lost so much! 

(God understands. God has things He Values which are lost. He is looking for them, too. Luke 15)

My money is gone!! I am lost!

I can’t do anything. I want to give up! 

Since my money is gone, I feel like I have no future. (No, Money is a tool you had.) 

Man and His Tools         Money is a TOOL          Definition of Money 


Money was all I had! (You had and have Free Blessings, even now.)

             Money and all I owned is my identity!   

No, Money is a tool you had.         No, Money is not your identity. 

    Money and property are tools for living, they are not life itself.

        Your identity is You, your humanity that is infinitely more valuable than money.

             Your Worth is Immeasurable.  


If Money is your focus, then the Lord God Who is Jealous For your best 

    and for your attention, will show you something, and more


     Money is a TOOL.    Definition of Money   Man and His Tools


Money is a TOOL.

  Money is not a measure of Your personal value.

        Money is not a measure of Your personal worth

                    Money is not your identity. What is money? 

The Definition of Money –

         Money is a medium for an exchange form of barter. Money is an agreed upon currency, or vehicle, for the purpose of exchanging goods and services. Money is an agreed upon measure of value for fair market exchange or means of payment.

Money can be a piece of metal, bead, jewel, coin, paper currency, or any of a number of agreed upon vehicles for the purpose of value exchange regarding goods and services. Often it is a promissory note of nominal value backed by a bank or government. 

Money is a tool for gaining or losing goods and services. Money is a tool, money is a thing, money is an inanimate object. Money is not a person. Money does not have eternal value or worth. You do. (Your worth)

Money is not your human value. (You are not a slave – and if you are, you are still worthy! Money is not your human identity because you are not an inanimate object. Money is strictly a tool.


A Man and His Tools

A carpenter has many tools. He may have a variety of axes, chisels, clamps, drills, hammers, saws, screwdrivers, and wrenches, and an adze, brace, carpenter pencil, chalk line, crowbar, froe, gimlet, lathe, mallet, mitre box, plane, plummet, rasp, ruler, sand paper, sharpening jig, spokeshave, tape measure, try square, workbench, and much more.

When a storm comes and destroys half of his tools, he is still a carpenter. He just has less tools. With less, or even no tools, the carpenter still has his personhood, and his skill. If a benefactor comes and gives him more tools, he is still a carpenter. His identity has not changed, but his tool amount has changed.

The way the carpenter uses His tools proves, or shows, what he values and thereby who he is. The carpenter’s identity is proven by how he uses his tools. The identity of the carpenter is not his tools. The carpenter’s tools are not the carpenter. The identity of the carpenter is his character: the thoughts, words, actions, and attitudes which show what he values.  

          So – Have you lost a bunch of tools, or money, lately? Is your tool shed more sparse? Yet, you are still living and breathing, huh? Good for you, and good for us all!! (What now? Want Practical help? Finances)

            Please know that tools come in all shapes and sizes. BUT there is only ONE You. You, yes You reading this! You are exceedingly more important than ANY manufactured tool or money!! You, just as you are, were created by an infinite God Who made you because He wants to relate with YOU intimately and personally!! God wants you because He is Jealous For you (Exodus 34:14). God wants you just as you are!

God sees all of who you are. What you’ve done and not done, said and not said, and every little detail of your heart and life! Because God knows you and Because God IS love, God wants you so He can love you the way you need to be loved, healed, comforted, empowered, and blessed. Only God, in His perfect Way, can take care of you just as you need to be cared for – with infinite care and wisdom.

If your tool shed is missing some valuable tools, tools you’ve based your hope on for the future – retirement, kid’s colleges, doctor bills to pay off, projects and dreams, etc? God says your hope in the tools was misplaced hope. Your hope is in a Person can never be misplaced if the person is the man/ God Jesus Christ. For those who trust that what God says is personally true for them, the Lord God says, "Do not be afraid. I am your shield, your very great reward." Genesis 15:1

Putting all of your hope in the God/man Jesus Christ can ONLY bring you what you desperately need. (Philippians 4:19) it may not bring you all your wants and perceived desires, but trust and hope within a relationship with the God man Jesus Christ based on Jesus Christ’s words and actions and not on your own will give you health and life to your imperishable soul


I  lost so much! I hate losing things! I worked so hard for them. I did so much to have them. I enjoyed them so much!

            Now they are gone! I want them back!!

        We all suffer loss at one time or another. God feels the same way. God suffers for the loss of so many people who reject Him.

        God created many people. God invests in them every day by giving them fresh air, sunshine, food, clothing, health, humor, friendship, animals, intelligence, and so much more. But most of all God gives of Himself. Despite all of these investments, men, women and children ignore God and even curse Him.

Despite all the rejection God gets, God continually gives people love to draw them to Himself. God continually seeks out men, women, and children to relate with Him as the intimately personal Lord God Almighty Who He is! 

God looks for you like you look for a lost coin! (Luke 15:8-10)

            God looks for you like you look for a lost sheep. (Luke 15:1-7 , Matthew 18:10-14)

                        God looks for you to come to Him like His most prized and precious son!! (Luke 15:11-32)

God will continue to look for you until your lifetime comes to an end. Then you must give an account of yourself as to why you never came to Him, your Creator. For your choice in being away from God during your life, God will allow you to be away from him during your eternity in death. The place where those go who reject and do not accept God during their lives is Hell. The place where those go who do want to be found by God, their Creator, and who do come to the Lord Jesus Christ and live under His Lordship, is Heaven.


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