Oh, My Wounded heart!!

Your heart is precious. Your heart is important. Your heart is the center of your core.

              Your heart is valuable. 

Your heart is valued and known by your Creator, the One Lord God Almighty.  

I am so hurt. I am weak. My feelings are so hurt. 

I feel battered, bruised and betrayed in my heart.

I have lost hope in all the people. 

  I am abandoned by those I thought loved me or would help.

I am neglected. I feel abused. 

            My mind is so confused I don’t know where to turn.

  God sees you, knows you, and understands just how you feel. (Psalm 139)

God’s own Son Jesus was betrayed by his closest friend and murdered by those He loved.                             (Matthew 26:48, Mark 14:44, Luke 22:48, Proverbs 27:6, Psalm 41:9, Psalm 55:12-14, Luke 22:3-4, John 6:64; Mark 14:17-20, Luke 23:34

God understands your deep pain. 

The Bible says The Heart is the center core of a person. It is your mind, the center of reason, plus your emotions and your will. Your heart is your whole inner being.

The Bible also says that the heart is the depository of all wisdom and the source of whatever affects speech sight and conduct.

No wonder that when our hearts get wounded than our lives go into a tailspin and we may fall apart. No wonder many of us choose to medicate our selves with sex, drugs, materialism, alcohol, and many other escapes instead of caring for our wounded heart.

Our Hope Alone is found in the Solution to our wounded heart! Our Hope is in trusting The Great Fixer of all broken hearts and shattered dreams! The Lord God Almighty is the One Who fixes, heals, restores, and renews everyone who comes and surrenders to Him completely. 

  Many people’s lives were transformed by Jesus when He came here

You can ask the Lord God safely:

 Create in me a pure heart. Let my feelings not overtake me. Let my pride not ruin me. 

  Have me humble unto You that I would love You and have my heart enwrapped in Your Palm

  Because of the LORD's Great Love we are not consumed, for his Compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23


What has caused your wounded heart?

I have been betrayed.  

              Someone has gossiped maliciously against me.   

  My spouse betrayed me – I have trouble forgiving them. 

              One as one my parents abandoned me.  

  The government has let me down. 

              My company let me go after so many years of service.   

There is no one I can depend on or trust. (Except for One! The Lord Jesus Christ.)

We are human.   In the process ...  

We know how to trust and how to be trusted. From the moment we are born, helpless babes as we are, we must trust and be cute for our very survival.

  Over time and experience, we learn that people let us down. Eventually we may realize that some people are not be worthy of our trust. We learn, too, that we are not always worthy of others' trust.

          Sometimes people will fall below our expectations and break our trust. This happens with our family member, our friends, at our school and work, in our society and government, everywhere.

            For example, someone will tell us they will do something, and then they don’t do it. They may give us excuses and rationalizations for why they didn’t do what they said they'd do. In some cases they may be wrong in not doing it, and in other cases they may be right and we are to understand why it didn't happen. Because of our being let down, our heart gets hurt. Our expectations, our hopes, and even our dreams don’t get realized. In the process, we can lose hope. And if it continues long enough, we may be prone to despair.

            Some hopes are healthy and good. A faithful husband or wife. A kind and thoughtful child. A friend who never lies, ever. A hard working boss who helps you be productive, too. A parent who listens, understands, and corrects you firmly with grace and love. Loved ones who protect you from wrong, speak up for justice, care for you unconditionally, work as team members for everyone to win as a whole, and who encourage your goodness and discourage your flaws. Our hopes are for us to be these for others, too!

            But things get in the way of good hopes, dreams and realizations. Human emotions, self-centeredness, fleshly desires, short-sighted thinking, other people’s plans, and God’s plans.  

I get really angry about this – HY

How does our heart get hurt? Why does our heart get hurt? Does God say something about this? YES!

(See -Hope for the Heart)


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