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    Hi, my name is J and I saw your billboard/sign in NY.  The reason that I am sending this is because I have reached a point in my life that I need a relationship with God. I have a lot of problems that I can't handle on my own and I need God’s help.  If you can help me and point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it more than you can imagine. Thank you so much for your time and have a great day!     Answer 1


         I am struggling with so many things I don't know were to begin.  The core of it is selfishness.  I have lived for myself for so long, I don't know how to give certain things up.  I've tried many different ways and I have yet to really be transformed by Gods power, and love.  I know he loves me...I know he has a plan for me...I just don't know how much longer I can take this life of pain.  Even this is selfish.  I should embrace my struggles as part of His plan but it is so hard!  Thanks for letting me vent.  My name is T,  please pray for me.         Answer 2


       hi my name is kb.  I am looking for a Christian counselor in my area.  I have some personal problems....   Answer 3 - 


         what do you do when you know in your head that you are sinning (and continue to sin) but your heart does not want to stop sinning??......  Answer 14 


         I spent the last 21 years on the mission leading at-risk children to Christ around the world as well as providing for their physical, mental, vocational and recreational needs. As a result I have no family, no finances, no car, no job, no friends. all I have is loss: my sister, my health, my mother. I've helped many but no one is here for me. I know Christ as savior but I feel very hopeless and alone.   Answer 4 - 


         You Guys Rock. I've been a Christian for hmm about 10 years now and i've really been struggling with Lust and allowing myself to fall. As I was driving home I saw your billboard, I just stopped and Prayed Wow what an amazing God we have. For me it's good to know just how much God hates Sin and Sinners that don't turn and follow him. So in short Thanks for the reminder. Oh and if there is anything i can do to help please let me know:)   Answer 16


I keep hearing about a wonderful life with God.  Is there a book you can recommend to help me understand it?  I am not sure what I am going through now that I am a Christian, and I want to understand what I am experiencing better.    Answer 3


         Why are you teaching us about the law of tithing the Jesus freed us from. we now live under grace the grace of Christ. The same law that Israel could now follow. We are under the new covenant not the old. (Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law being made a curse for us: For it is written, Cursed is everyone that hangeth from on a tree:(Gal.3:13)  everything of mine is God's not just one tenth.  Answer 3


               Please pray that my son gets his hope, and happiness back, that we both get out of our grief, that the Lord, lets us know, there is hope, that I get the apt. rented, or even rented to a church, help with my job, when I get back to work, that there isn't so much hate there, and that tom, stops saying cruel words to me, and that he stops discrediting my name, and that all this worry over financial distress, and where to move to, and the job, not bringing in enough money, that Jesus would intervene...amen.  Answer 15


           What do you do when you don't  know what to pray for?? When your needs are so great or so different that you know they are not going to be met? I feel that God is so elusive that I will not recognize when He is near. I need answers in a different way, I need answers in a concrete way. I want to recognize God in a special way today, I have so many unfulfilled needs and I don't know where my life is going or what my true purpose is. Please let me know that someone PERSONALLY read this today... thank-you   Answer 3 


     It seems my husband hates me, he treats me like nothing sometimes, my heart wants to stop beating, but I know it can't I have children, but honesty I want to give up  Answer 6


           What a beautiful website. God is so good, full of love and mercy. I was driving home from Los Angeles, CA and saw your billboard, I was driving along, my heart was heavy with so many things and it just jumped right out at me. I knew that this was a direct message from the Lord. It moved me so much that all I could do was smile and feel that joy of the Lord come rushing back in. Please keep me in your prayers, I am going through financial, medical, relationship problems.    Thank you for being a blessing to all!!!    Answer 7  


        I would like to request the prayers of the Believers to keep me and my 2 children in your prayers. I am a single parent of a 19 yr college sophomore and a 7 year old. I am struggling making ends meet with a low paying job and I've been searching for almost a year for a new one.  My health has been a challenge for about a year with improvement just starting to show and I am very depressed. I do know God Loves me and I just want to be more of what God would have me be.  I'm lonely without a companion and I know God is with me every step of the way but it seems everybody has a human helpmate. I do know in God's own time He will manifest His will in my Life, but please pray my strength.  Answer 7 


         Hi, I’m a bit confused. On your statement of faith it says a person is saved by faith alone and then on your salvation page it says we are saved if we have forsaken, or turned away from sin.  So if I come to Christ in Faith am I saved or do I have to also stop my sinning?   So is it by faith alone or faith plus turning from sin?  I have always thought repentance happened in the mind...a change of mind to believe in least for salvation...repentance is used in different ways not regarding salvation throughout the Bible.  So this is what confuses alone or faith in addition to something...  If you can answer let me know. God bless and great ministry!  Answer 8


    God Bless this website!! What a blessing! I was merely doing a search for: Create in me a clean heart, and BAM! Hit with the meat and potatoes! The full breakdown of the verse plus links to everlasting life. I've prayed for your website to continue blessing peoples lives. I have forwarded information to friends needing salvation. Your website is the one-stop-shop, Praise God for your hard work and obedience to His work. God bless!  Answer 9


        I was happy to have read your website. My joy is in the Lord. However, I must admit that sometimes He seen so far away. Whenever I try to reach out for encouragement everyone is asking for monetary support and that understandable. But today I need someone to agree with me, that God will bless me with a job, a car to the job and the pay to live on.  Answer 9


        repenting is what we all need  Answer 10




        I thank God for your wonderful web site, I have been struggling with stress and negative atmosphere around me where I work and live. But God's word is so comforting, I would like to receive monthly newsletter please and thank you for your support and kindness.  Answer 10


I want to receive Christ as my lord and Saviour. my name is o. from Nigeria.  Answer 10


        I found your site by googling "my heart and flesh cry out."  I was touched by what I read.  I am going through a very difficult time right now and am having to lean on Him to make it through each second of my days.  I am also the Divorce Care leader at my church and can't wait to share your wonderful site with those brokenhearted who will come to my class tonight.   May God bless you richly!  Answer 11


     pls pray 2 me because i do in my sister . now we r living pauvety life. please pray to my family  Answer 11


        Do you have a section on the true meaning of love between a man and a woman. The difference of being "in love" or just caring about someone and hoping love grows out of this relationship because you. I have a relative who believes he had a "vision" that he should marry and that love will develop and grow later. I will mention that he is of the Mormon religion and has just started participation in that church. I think he needs help and is missing what God is saying to him. Please help me to help him. Answer 12


        My mother was a very religious person being that we are Greek orthodox but when she fell ill I prayed day in and day out for Jesus to help her to no avail, why couldn't he help her in her time of need, where is she now, all those years of praying and believing didn't help her, I really miss her, but I've lost my faith in god,  people tell me we all must die but she didn't deserve that kind of death,  I'm starting to believe in what the atheist believe we are here to die so make the most out of it.  People tell me my mother is in a better place now with her loved ones and friends, but I think my mother is in one place, the place that we buried her.  Answer 13 


          Hi. I have a major question. I've fallen away for years, was shown Rom 1,2 and that i am the proverbial fool..  Recently i  am going thru SERIOUS warfare - was admonished that it was a fight for my soul and i'd better change wholesale immediately or would die in hell. In the Bible i was given verses from Isaiah, Wrath of the wine of God and Unbelief (wrath). God had been showing me all kinds of signs, etc but i still wouldn't believe and asked for more.  i have little faith.  i have much unbelief. i hadn't been in the Word much at all over the years.  Am rebellious, very stupid, have Character traits not befitting a Christian; still haven't done everything i was told to. I have much pride and many questions come into my mind wanting me to not trust people or God.” Lately i have been bombarded by demonic oppression. VERY scary. Help? and pray for me if you would too.... :(   Answer 5 


Do you have a little chart where I can get a quick Word of encouragementAnswer 6


Please pray for me to get a wife that I wish to have and love me for the rest of our live.  Answer 18


        I need to know how to be strong.  How can i have my mind change?  I need to have my actions and thoughts to change.  How can i do this?  Answer 16


No Comment.   Answer 3 


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